OMG what a little few changes can do to your space!  Sara and I updated our living room with a few new plants, one for the corner next to the wet bar, and another for underneath the bookshelf by the hallway.  I’ve always dreamed of having a fiddle leaf fig tree.. they give the space a clean, stylish look.  We weren’t really sure which plant we were going to buy for underneath the bookshelf, but we found this one at the nursery and fell in love with it.  The employees at the nursery said it’s been around since the dinosaur ages, and that it’s very low maintenance.  Sounds like the perfect plant to me!  We bought a cute little stand so it has some height 🙂

We’re planning on selling the furniture that doesn’t go with our coastal Moroccan vibe we want.  Right now everything is a bit busy with the mirrored furniture and that random turquoise side table.  I want more coastal / rustic / fresh / Moroccan if that makes any sense haha.  The rug is a bit too red for me and I think it throws off the vibe, but it’ll stay there until we find another one.  It’s a really nice rug so it would be kind of sad to get rid of it.  Who knows, we’ll see if it stays or not!

Do you guys like our new plants??  The little one is named Jared, Jer for short.  We’re still thinking of a name for the fiddle fig…. any ideas?

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