AHH this makes everything become so much more real!  My best friend Amanda is getting married in less than three weeks so we are DOWN TO THE WIRE.  I just picked up my bridesmaid dress and went straight to the tailor afterwards to get it fitted perfectly.  I think Amanda did such an amazing job picking out the dress. The color is so beautiful, the shape is elegant, and it’s in a very comfortable stretchy and slinky material.

As far as alterations go, I’m sure you guys can see the obvious things that needs to be done.  I need to take in the sleeve so the top of the dress fits tighter on my boobs and take off a couple inches from the hem on the bottom.  I’m also taking in the waist a tiny bit to get rid of that loose wrinkle.  Hopefully everything will be fixed by next week!

What’s your favorite color bridesmaids dress?  I’m loving this light silver / lavender color so much!

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