tee: Montazami Brand [here] // pants [here] // hat [here] // sunnies [here]

I’ve been super into earthy tones, and more of a basic sense of style lately.  The pieces in your closet that never really go out of style, and that always look good.  My favorite closet staples are loose, white button down shirts, fresh white tees/tanks (we have sooo many amazing tees from Montazami Brand!), a good pair of high-waisted light blue denim jeans, white and black converse, and anything in earthy colors!

I’m going to start wearing more of that style from now on, but I could never give up fun and colorful dresses every so often 🙂

Today I’m going to the DENTIST!!  I was flossing my teeth the other night, and the floss got stuck on the bonding behind my front tooth and it completely flew off!  I saw it fly into the air and I could never find it… It felt really weird behind my tooth, especially since the tip of my tongue rests on that specific area, but today I’m getting it fixed.  I had bonding there because I chipped my two front teeth on a granite countertop when I was younger… it was PAINFUL haha.  I’ve had to keep redoing it over the years because it happened when I was in 2nd grade.  I’m really not looking forward to this appointment though because I feel sooo uncomfortable when anyone works on these two front teeth!  Wish me luck 😐

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