I’m having an obsessed moment with this bodysuit and I’m spilling the beans why, right now.  Not only is it super cute and flattering, it’s actually COMFORTABLE, and reversible.  It’s like a superhero of bodysuits.  I think this way is cutest in the front but when you want a more simple look, you can switch it around and wear the tie up corset in the back.  It’s a thong, so no granny panty lines here.  Does anyone still make bodysuits with granny panty lines?? If so, please stop!

Another thing this magical bodysuit has is removable straps, when you need a tube top to achieve your look.  IS THERE ANYTHING THIS BODYSUIT CANNOT DO?! Hehe 😉

You can see and shop this bodysuit as well as other cute pieces I’ve been wearing lately all on my Foray profile!  Just [click here] to see my collection, and [click here] to shop my store!

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