Hi guys!

Happy Wednesday 🙂 I’m starting this morning off with some editing tips!  I recently started editing and creating my photos a little differently, trying to get less of the yellow tones and busy backgrounds.  I’m trying to go for bright whites, pale blues, and more earthy/cool tones.  A huge part of my editing process for Instagram is the VSCO app.  I recently upgraded to VSCO X, which is basically like having Lightroom on your phone.  There’s SO many filters and you can adjust the color settings (HUGE help to get rid of too yellow/orange tones).  The only thing is that it’s $19.99 per year but I think it’s definitely worth it!  It is for me at least 🙂

I can definitely see a difference on my IG feed, and I like it way better.  Everything looks a lot cleaner than before!  I also started ”painting” the whites whiter when there’s a lot of white background in the photo.  I go to Facetune and ”whiten” the areas that might’ve gotten yellow from the filter I used.  I did this on the two photos with the turquoise shutter and the pic of me wearing the one piece bikini surrounded by palm trees.

What are your best photo editing tricks?? 🙂

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