A few looks from my photoshoot with the Stylist LA!  Which look is your favorite?? I think mine is the long red señorita dress 😉

Good morning guys! I had an early start today, which felt good after a weekend of relaxing.  I’m about to leave my parent’s house to go back up to LA.  I have some exciting things happening this week— tomorrow I’m going on a podcast!  Peter from the I Love Success podcast asked me to guest star on the show, so I’ll be meeting him in Santa Monica.  He’s Swedish, so I’m assuming we’ll talk about my journey from being on Svenska Hollywood Fruar to blogging, to starting our clothing line Montazami Brand.  I’m not sure which specific questions he’s going to ask me so I can only guess, and prepare for those! It shouldn’t be too scary 🙂  Have you guys heard of his podcast?

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