When I made Rudy stop the car, pull over, and take a photo of me in front of this beautiful truck and flower backdrop!  Definitely worth it 😉

Hello friends! This picture makes me want to move to Laguna Beach!!  Well, at least after about 1 or 2 more years in LA.  I love living in Venice but I also crave being closer to Rudy and my family.  I find myself more and more in Orange County, and it doesn’t help that my apartment rent will be raised next month :/ Right now marks 1 year of living in our apartment… I can’t believe how fast time flew!

Sara and I are both feeling an urge to change up our style in the apartment as well.  We want to get rid of the mirrored furniture we have and swap it out for light wood, bright whites, and tan colors.  A little more beachy, Moroccan rustic. My room currently looks like two different styles so I need to simplify it!  It’s harder to achieve the style you want when your bringing old furniture with you.  My style has changed so much from before!

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