FOUNDATION: I use Dior Forever Undercover (color 025) when I go out or have a photoshoot.  It has great coverage and it gives me a matte glow. Find it HERE

TINTED MOISTURIZER: Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue (Wheat 4.5) is so great!  It’s light with fair coverage (you can still see my freckles when it’s on).  I wear this during the day if I want to look nice!  Find it HERE

SETTING POWDER: I use Laura Mercier candleglow as my setting powder (color 3).  It’s actually not a setting powder but it gives me a bronzey slight glow.  I also use it for touch ups. Find it HERE

FACIAL SPRAY: First I get my beauty blender wet, then I spray this rose water spray right before I dip it into my foundation.  I also use it for hydration mists throughout the day 🙂 Find it HERE

THE BLENDER: What the F was I doing without the beauty blender?!! It is hands down the BEST way to apply foundation and concealer.  What a difference.  Find it HERE

THE NO MAKEUP MAKEUP: I just discovered this sunscreen loose powder and I looove it.  It’s perfect when you need that extra help on days when your makeup free.  They also have a great concealer and foundation.  Find it HERE

BRONZER: I use MAC’s Baiana Bronze bronzer.  It’s very pigmented so a little goes a long way.  Find it HERE

THE GLOW: I mix this Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow with my foundation or tinted moisturizer.  It makes me glow! Find it HERE

THE INFAMOUS LIPSTICK: Charlotte Tilbury’s Beach Stick in color Formentera has saved my life.  I think your actually supposed to use it for your cheeks but I use it for my lips!  It’s the color you always see me wearing (except for in these photos because I left it in LA) Find it HERE

FOR THE LASH PERFECTION: I swear by it.  The Lancome Grandiose mascara is super lengthening and voluminous without being too clumpy. Find it HERE

CONCEALER: It’s pricey, but it’s amazing!  I use Cle De Peau in color ”Almond”.  It’s perfect for touch ups too because it creates a blurry effect.  Find it HERE

EYEBROW GELS:  I switch off between Anastasia’s clear gel and the Loreal one.  I think I’m starting to like the Loreal one better!  Find it HERE and HERE

EYESHADOW: I’m currently using Urban Decay’s Born to Run palette.  It has so many beautiful colors!!  I also love Anastasia’s Modern Renaissance one because it’s super pigmented. Find it HERE

HIGHLIGHT: I use Urban Decay’s SIN afterglow palette.  I’m starting to like colored highlighters.  I used to only use MAC’s soft and gentle highlighter but now I switch it up 🙂  Find it HERE

That’s pretty much all the makeup I wear!  I know it looks like a lot but I use very little of each product haha.  I’m really thinking about doing a makeup tutorial… would you guys want to see how I apply everything?!  I know quite a few of you mentioned in the Q+A post that you want me to do an updated one.  Leave a comment below and let me know!

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