bikini by Calzedonia

I have been liiiiiving at the beach these past few weeks that I’ve been home.  It’s so nice to just walk out of your front door, cross the street, and be on the beach. It’s so close that I don’t mind just walking out there with a towel and a magazine by myself, when I need some sun, salt, and sand to refresh the mind.  The water is warmer than I’ve ever experienced it to be in LA, which is really nice because it’s usually very chilly.  I think the massive heat wave we had last week just warmed it up super quickly.

Today Rudy and I went paddle boarding in the Marina.  Sara and I both got blow-up paddle boards and today was our first day bringing them out!  It was pretty windy so we got quite the workout in our core and arms.  I feel like they’re going to be sore tomorrow!

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