these are the freeway lanes where the beginning scene of La La Land was filmed!  Do you recognize it?

top is from Hot as Hell [here] / shoes: Pierre Balmain / jeans: Acne Studios

This is what we did last Friday—– a private heli ride in LA! It was so romantic…

Everything was seamlessly easy from the moment we booked the trip.  After reading a bunch of reviews on different companies and tours, we decided to book it with Anthelion Helicopters through TripAdvisor.  We definitely chose a great tour because we had no wait times and no fuss.

Rudy and I drove down to Long Beach to a small airport hangar, where we got picked up by our pilot in a golf cart and escorted to the helicopter.  We signed some papers, had a quick safety brief, and then we were up in the sky!

We went on an extremely hot day (I think it was about 100 degrees) so we left the window vents open for some fresh air when we were up in the sky.  We flew to downtown LA, then all the way to the coast of Venice (we flew right over my apartment!! Rudy saw it but I couldn’t find it for shit haha) and then down through Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, and Long Beach.

Our tour guide was super nice and informative, and cracked some funny jokes here and there.  He put our headset mics on so we could all talk to each other (I wasn’t able to do this in the last heli ride I went on, and it made such a difference.  It was better that way because I could ask questions about what I was seeing).

And the best past is that I wasn’t scared at all!  There’s something about helicopters that I’m just not scared about?? Planes are a different story but helicopters are so much fun to me.  I love it.

Thanks Trip Advisor for the amazing experience! You can Click here to book this exact heli ride or click here to see more tours and experiences to do in LA.  Note you can type in any destination in the world!

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