top: Änaris scarf // jacket: vintage Levi’s // shoes: Jimmy Choo // photos by Stefanie Marie

Hi guys!

For all of my American readers, I hope you all had a fantastic fourth of July! I spent mine in LA with Rudy, starting our day with the beach and ending it with a house party.  The only thing I’m bummed about is not seeing fireworks :/ I really wanted to watch them on the beach with my babe.  Next year 😛

Right now my cousin Niki is over and we’re going to walk down to the beach.  It’s a perfect sunny day here in Venice.  I have no phone because I left it in Rudy’s car, and he already drove down to OC haha.  Luckily he’s coming back tonight so I’ll get it soon!

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  • hej

    Nice look! 🙂 A question; does Rudy work full time? If so, how do you have time to do so many fun things together all the time? 😛


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Thanks! He works as a freelance website builder / graphic designer and part time with home construction in Laguna Beach. Some days he has to physically go to work but most days he works on his own time! It’s nice that we both can do that so we have time for fun activities 🙂



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