Getting the Glow

Hi guys!

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but I can’t explain how much I believe in self tanning! I’ve been using the self applying mousse method for pretty much two or three years, but in recent months I’ve been using it weekly.  And there’s two reasons why: 1. I feel way cuter when I’m tan. And 2. It’s less damaging to your skin than trying to tan in the sun for hours.

I made a fancy little collage for you guys so you can see exactly what the comparison is side by side. None of the photos above have been edited so you can see the true color.  The “after” photo is right after I applied to product, so I needed to wait 4 hours before I showered it off. The color came out really nice and natural looking! It was already dark by the time I took a shower so I couldn’t take a pic, but I can upload a photo of my tan tomorrow if you guys want. Let me know!

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