Making this post brought me right back to our perfect bachelorette weekend in Cabo!  Amanda’s the first friend in our group to get hitched, so we had to go big, and boy did we go big.  Our days consisted of breakfast in the morning, shots right after, dancing by the pool, boat days, crazy on-stage performances at Mango Deck, and nights out at the Nowhere Bar and Mandalas.  Basically our trip consisted of tequila, tequila, and more tequila.  It was so much fun and I cannot wait for our next friend to get married so we can go again!! Haha.

I always get questions about what my friends are doing, so I’ll give you guys a quick update.  Madison (my BFF since 4th grade) is working at a non-profit organization in Orange County.  Amanda’s about to start her third year of law school, along with Taylor, who was my roommate all throughout college.  Mariel moved to Mexico to pursue her acting career, and Ivanna is working at Baby 2 Baby.  Theresa is a nurse, and Sam is an accountant at a PR firm called 72 and Sunny.  It’s safe to say my friends are freakin’ KILLING IT and I’m so proud of all of them.  I’m so happy to have such a great group of friends 🙂

Let me know if you guys have any questions about our Bachelorette weekend, I’m more than happy to answer!  Just leave a comment below 🙂

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