These photos just SCREAM summer to me.  The colors and the vibe make me happy, so I’m posting them here on the blog in hopes that it does the same for you!

I’m suuuper excited for tomorrow— nothing exciting is happening, it’s just going to be a regular day in Venice.  Going to my favorite workout class in the morning, doing a Whole Foods run, running errands, and chilling.  Is it weird that I’m excited about that?!  Just to CHILL in my own city. I’m getting a little burnt out living between OC and LA.  I’ve been staying in OC a lot more because Rudy’s there, I’ve been getting more modeling jobs down there, and there’s always something going on at my parents’ house (like Father’s Day this Sunday, Memorial Day Weekend BBQ, etc.).

Don’t get me wrong I truly love being down there, but how do I make this situation more balanced for me?! I feel like I’m always packing and unpacking a suitcase and driving back and forth, back and forth.  I’m torn between my life in LA and my life in OC! If I’m happy in both places, should I just suck it up and deal with the back and forth lifestyle?  Any advice??

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  • K

    I feel you, Hanna. My partner and I live about four hours apart so I’m constantly back and forth with my suitcase – and have been doing it for a few years now! It gets exhausting but I’m definitely just dealing with the lifestyle and thinking ”it could be worse.” It’s good to feel out how many ”travel days” you can do within a certain period to not feel overwhelmed. ♡

    I try to minimize the packing load as much as possible by having duplicates of my essentials at my bf’s place (beauty products, loungewear, etc.) I keep my makeup in a makeup bag and my chargers in a drawstring bag so they’re always ”ready to go”. So the only thing I really have to pack and unpack is daywear and this has helped me a lot. 🙂


  • Malin

    I truly get it! I live with my boyfriend and our son, but we live with our parents. I’m doing my last semester at university after the summer and next year we’ll buy an apartment since I’ll have to wait until I get a job so I can get the bankloan. I definitely hate bringing stuff back and forth all the time, but for me it is necessary since I cannot have all of my things in one place. I keep showering things at both places, and parts of the wardrobe so I always have something to wear. But I’m going back and forth every week, sometimes several times a week and it’s exhausting. Takes about 1 hour to go, and I have to go on the metro since I don’t have my own car. So carrying everything is really not so great to be honest.
    I’m keeping my mood up, save up on things for the apartment and try to do the best of it. But to be honest I would buy an apartment today if I could, or I’d rather have bought one yesterday. But this is the way it is, and due to the fact that there are not enough renting apartments in Stockholm, this is a problem I’ll have to live with at least another year….


    • hannamontazami Post author

      I totally get it! That sounds a bit of a hassle, but hang in there! Once you get a job and you’re able to get an apartment, I’m sure things will be much easier and enjoyable for you guys 🙂 I wish you the best of luck!



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