Hi guys 🙂

Okay so I have an announcement, yes, the other segments of my Q + A are coming!  Thanks for being so patient.  Unfortunately the Word document I made that had all of your questions categorized didn’t save, and I lost it on my computer :/  That’s why there’s been a bit of a pause with the next segment, along with going to Mexico two weekends in a row.  So sorry guys, I will have the next segment up next week!

On another note, how cool is this location I shot at yesterday? I loved my makeup too… it’s definitely a lot more than I would ever wear but I think it’s fun for pictures.

The funny thing is, I modeled for a MATERNITY LINE haha.  No, I’m not pregnant…. but I wear a huge fake belly!!!  It is such a sight to see haha.  And somehow I’ve become they’re regular mommy model.  This is probably the 6th or 7th time I’ve shot with them.  The best part is when I have to sit down and the belly is so big that I’m actually waddling into position like a real pregnant person.  And it’s such a crazy sight to see my reflection in the mirror!

I don’t want to tell you the brand because then you will see me all over the website hehe.  Now I’m bummed because I can’t post the beautiful photos from the shoot I did at this dreamy location haha.  Imagine someone coming onto my page and being like WHAT?!!?! Lol

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