bikini top from Calzedonia // pants from A.B.S. // shoes from Chinese Laundry // hat from Brixton // photos by Stefanie Marie

Hi guys!

Today is the most Mondayist of Mondays— tons of laundry, emails, and yoga! I got back from Cabo San Lucas yesterday, and I’m already missing all of my girls!  We had such a good time together for Amanda’s bachelorette party. Do you guys want me to post some photos from our trip? We stayed at an unbelievably beautiful house in one of the neighborhoods close to town.

We did all of the fun, typical bachelorette activities and it made me so excited to go to the next one, and have my own one day! My favorite game we played was when we had her fianceé answer a bunch of questions about Amanda — what her favorite food is, his first interaction with amanda, who said i love you first,  what his favorite piece of clothing that amanda wears is, what his favorite quality about amanda is, what his most embarrassing moment in front of amanda’s parents was, he knew he wanted to marry amanda when…. Before we would play his answer, Amanda had to say what she thinks he said. It was so funny to hear their answers! Most of them were completely different haha.

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  • Manda

    Hi Hanna!! Please post all of your photos from Cabo! It looked amazing! And maybe you can at the same time introduce the friends that you went there with? What their names are, what they are studying/working with, Where thet live etc! Thanks!!



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