Hi guys!

The other week I got an email about a self defense class that WGN America (TV network) was putting on to promote their new show, 100 Code, which is a series about a manhunt for a serial killer (sounds intense haha).  But when I saw the email, I was stoooked to go and learn some useful tips that I could use to prevent/help a dangerous situation.  I live in Venice, and this city is no stranger to crime, so it’s good to know this stuff.

Of course taking the actual class will help you learn the recommended fighting moves, but I’ll give you guys the crash course on the ‘information’ side of things.


-be extra aware when you are walking alone (to your car, on the street, etc.) and do not be on your phone or looking down.  Predators look for victims that are distracted.

-be aware of your surroundings.  If you have a ”weird feeling” about someone, follow your instinct and remove yourself from that area.  The instructor told us about a girl in Santa Monica who was exercising up and down a set of stairs outside (it was around 4:30 in the afternoon), and she noticed this one guy who was at the top, and she got a weird feeling about him.  She ignored her gut feeling, continued going up and down the stairs, and as she’s starting to go back down the third time, his hand covers her mouth from behind, he puts her into his van, and rapes her.  Always trust your gut, it’s better safe than sorry!

-have pepper spray in your hand if you’re walking alone


-if they’re telling you to get into their car, and they have a weapon, do not get in and try to run.  Your chances of survival are way lower once you step into their car.  If they are pointing a gun, run away in a zig zag motion.

-scream to try and get other people’s attention

-never give up fighting

-take a self defense class to learn fighting moves and techniques to defend yourself!

It’s always useful to know these tips, even if some sound obvious.  I definitely want to go back to one of my instructor’s classes to better familiarize myself with the moves.  My instructor has a studio called Shield in Culver City, see their website here

Have you guys ever taken a self defense class?

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  • Johanna

    This is great, Hanna!😊💁 You can never be too careful! I don’t think pepper spray is legal in Sweden but I always hold a small bottle of dry shampoo in my hand walking home from the gym at night.

    I’m sorry I’m late with this and I understand if you already put together all the answers to the Q & A but I realized that I have one question after all🙈 I suppose you’re usung self tanner regularly just like me? In that case what brand are you using and how often do you apply it? Also, are you using sunblock every day considering it’s always sunny in California? Your skin looks fabulous so that’s why I want to learn all about it, hahah! /Hugs Johanna


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Ahh I guess it’s not, huh?! I’m sure there are other methods and techniques that you guys can use to replace pepper spray 🙂

      And yes thank you I will add your Q’s to my list! <3


  • Malin

    It’s really different in Sweden when it comes to the law. Pepperspray is not aloud, and if you use some other spray (hairspray for example) and intentionally hurt the person who is actually trying to hurt you, you can be held responsible for the damage of that persons eyes. So in the end, you might end up not getting raped, but they can charge you instead and you would have to pay the person who wanted to rape you, because you’ve heart them by choice. This law is horrible and makes it even more dangerous for young women than it have to be. I would have loved to take a class like this, but I would have loved it even more if they were to teach you in school so that young women would get a chance to know this as well!


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Wow that is insane! I wonder how that law still exists in Sweden? I guess the options are to try and make efforts to reform that law or take classes like this where you can learn self defense! Thanks for sharing Malin and stay safe<3



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