Lunch with Gorjana

photos by Emily Cullen

Hi my loves!

Just got these cute lil photos back from the event I went to last week, celebrating the store opening of the Gorjana store in Fashion Island, and followed by a yummo lunch at Fig & Olive.  Now you guys can see how I actually act at an event, instead of just seeing ”posed” photos and pics I take when I’m behind the camera.  Apparently I was having a great ‘ole time at the lunch as you can see 😉

Today was a touuuugh Monday because I had a rough night’s sleep last night.  For some reason I woke up every hour (I feel SO hard for people that deal with this on a regular basis) and left me feeling so exhausted and out of it all day.  I didn’t feel better until my Vinyasa yoga class and steam room session.  I used to go to yoga for the workout, and now I go completely for the body, mind, and soul re-centering.  I feel so much more balanced after my yoga class.  If I’m every having an off day I make sure I get on my mat!  Anyone else like this?

Also, took a self defense class today… more info about that in another post!

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