The Bushwick Spice Trade

I bought this one cocktail book called “Shake” about three years ago at a Paper Source store, (good looking cookbooks and cocktail books are my weakness!) and we put it to gooood use this weekend. Rudy brought up a nice bottle of gin, so we searched the book for a nice lookin’ gin cocktail. We came across this one, the Bushwick Spice Trade, which we both wanted to try out.

It’s basically a gin martini with lemon, pink peppercorns, basil, and fresh ginger. It was super yummy! The first batch we made was a little too tart so we added some sugar (simple syrup) and it was juuuust right.

Do you guys follow cook books anymore, or do you just look up different recipes online? For me, I do both, but there’s just something so much better about following a recipe from a cookbook!  Do you guys agree? 🙂

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