Here’s a peek inside my day today.  It was a dreamy Wednesday to say the least! We visited the store opening of Gorjana (one of my favorite jewelry brands) at Fashion Island, and then jetted off to lunch at Fig & Olive with the founder, Gorjana herself.  I was the geek who forgot to wear Gorjana jewelry to the Gorjana event….. I was cringing inside.  I was talking to Gorjana for about 20 minutes and I could just feel her noticing my NON-Gorjana jewelry… I wanted to crawl under a rock haha.

Luckily at the luncheon there was a gift box with some jewelry inside, so I slipped it on as soon as I could! If only my conversation with her happened AFTER.  Anyhooow, lesson learned!

I got a ton of questions about my jumpsuit and if any of you guys are on the market for a white jumpsuit for summer, I highly recommend this one!  It was comfortable, airy, didn’t wrinkle, and cute AF.  It’s from DRA clothing, I just tried to link it but sadly it’s already sold out 🙁

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