dress: WAYF // boots: Tony Bianco // socks: Calzedonia // jacket by Aqua Luxe

photos by Stefanie Marie

Isn’t. she. a. beauty.

For months I thought I wanted the black Prada cahier lion bag (see here), and I tried so hard to get it.  I made friends with a girl named Phoebe, who works at the South Coast Plaza Prada store.  The first time I went there she told me they didn’t have any at their store, and there were only two left in the United States.  I had her transfer one from the East Coast, so I waited about a week, until I got a text from her saying it was already sold…. (!!) I thought my chances were over until about 2 months later she texted me saying they had it.  So I went to South Coast with my mom, and we happened to stop by the Chanel store first.  I saw this beauty and never looked back! I bought it right then and there, and didn’t even bother going to the Prada store first to check out the lion bag hehe.  It was just love at first sight! And I think Chanel was a better investment anyway 🙂  What do you guys think?!

I love it because I’ve never seen it before, and it’s not as overdone as some other Chanel bags.  This is my second designer bag that I’ve ever bought.  The first one (this Celine bag) was a huge mistake…. I’ve only worn it once or twice.  It’s kind of awkwardly shaped, too big, and I don’t really care too much for the color.  I definitely want to sell it!

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