Who is the first person you call when your sad/happy?

That depends on what it’s about, but I usually call Sara or my mom!

Have you and Sara always been so close?

Yes. It’s been really easy to become so close because we are into the same things, we live together, our boyfriends are best friends, we are in the same line of work, and we have very similar personalities (the list goes on haha).  Some of you ask if Emma ever feels left out, and I know it may look that way, but I have a very different relationship with Emma and that’s okay! Emma’s not into the same things that Sara and I are. Emma can be very introverted and most of the time it’s very hard to get her to share things in conversation, but we also share some of the best moments together. You just don’t see that on social media! She hates photos by the way.  If I take out the camera, she normally flees the other way haha.

Are you close with all of your siblings, or mainly Sara?

Going off of my previous answer, I have a different relationship with each sibling.  I’d say I’m closest to Sara because we live, work, and hangout together. I have a special bond with Emma, and we’re notorious for breaking out in laugh attacks in random situations.  Nicho is my ”best bud” (Sara is best buds with Emma, and I’m best buds with Nicho… it’s just a thing we established when we were younger haha), so we also have that fun brother-sister bond.

Your dad is from Iran, right? I wonder if you have ever been to Iran and if not would you like to go?
Do you speak any Farsi?

Yep! Mom is from Sweden, and dad is from Iran.  I’ve never been, and don’t know if I ever plan on going. With the current political situation there, I don’t feel comfortable going. And no, sadly I don’t speak Farsi but it would be so cool if I did!

Where do you want to live when you start a family?

I want to live in South Orange County, particularly Laguna Beach! I love the laid-back style of living there.  I think it would be a happy environment to start a family in.

Future kids? / When would you like to have kids?

Yes!  I definitely want kids in the future.  Not sure how many just yet hehe. And when depends on where I’m at, but if I could guess, it would be about 2 years after I get married.


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