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Hi all!

I wanted to host a little Q+A here on the blog for two reasons. 1) I’ve been getting some requests recently and 2) I want to hear what topics you guys are most interested in. Knowing more info about what you guys are curious about will help us have better dialogue, and more engagement.

So, now for the fun stuff! I’ve listed a few categories below to spark any questions you might have, but all questions are welcomed!

Instead of doing a huge Q+A Answer post like I usually would, I’ll be breaking it up into categories and going in further detail to cover more info.













Can’t wait to see your questions!

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  • Emily

    Hi Hanna!

    What shampoo and conditioner do you use?


  • Cecilia

    Hi, Hanna!
    Your dad is from Iran, right? I wonder if you have ever been to Iran and if not would you like to go?
    Do you speak any Farsi?
    What are your plans for the future?


  • Barbara

    Hi Hanna!
    I would love if you started making vloggs!
    Would you consider continuing your studies at university?
    When would you like to have kids?
    When do you think that you and Rudy will move in together?
    You seem to have the most amazing life..do you have any suggestions/advice on how to beat loneliness and depression?
    Love your blog! Thanks for having the Q/A.


  • Malin

    Where do you wanna live when you start a family?

    Who is the first person you call when you’re sad/mad/happy?

    Have you and Sara always been close?

    What’s your when i got my first period story?

    What do you look for in a gym? Like classes or mashines?

    Does Rudy live near you?

    Xoxo 🙂


  • Sofia

    Hey Hanna. What about.. Future plans? Study on university? Kids/family? Where do you eany to live in the future?


  • Suss

    Hi Hanna! How tall are you and your sister?


  • Anna

    Have you and Rudy talked about the future (e.g., moving in, marriage, kids, etc.)?

    Can you do a new video make up tutorial? Would be so awesome!

    What made you decide to stay in your current apartment (I remember you said you wanted to leave a while back)?

    Are you close with all your siblings or mainly Sara?

    Can you tell us your work out routine? And What kind of work out do you find most enjoyable?

    Approximately How many hours a week would you say you work?

    I know it usually takes a couple of years to make a company profitable, is montazamibrand profitable yet or is it still a work in progress?

    Are all three of you (your mom, Sara, and you) all equally involved in montazamibrand or would you say some of you more so than others?

    Are you still close with your college and childhood friends (like Madison, Taylor etc)? How often do you get to see them? 🙂

    I love following you! Thanks for having this q&a! <3


  • Sophie

    Random questions beauty questions
    I saw you mentioned once using those faceshavers to shave your side burns. I have small ones that seem similar to yours. Do you still shave them or have you tried something else?
    Do you continue to get eyelash extensions? I feel like they always look so terrible when they’re falling out
    Do you still get lip filler? I’m considering it


  • Carro

    Makeup!!!!:) Hur sminkar du dig? Vore kul med bilder på alla produkter du använder så som foundation, rouge mascara osv:) stor kram!!!


  • Melisa

    Hi Hanna!

    What lipstick(s) do you wear during a regular basis? 🙂 I really love the shades!


  • Fanny

    – Vart får du din inspiration till mode/vad du ska ha på dig? 🙂
    – Bästa tipset mot sötsug? Hehe
    – dröm resmål? 🙂
    – vilka är dina förebilder? Stilikoner? 🙂

    Tack för en fantastisk blogg 😍


  • Lisa

    Do you know what you want to work with when you’re older? Or are you planning on being a stay-at-home-mom?

    Doesn’t Emma feel left out since you and Sara are so close and spend so much time together?

    Are you and Austin still friends?

    Do you have many close friends? Who are your best friends?


  • Maria

    Hey Hanna!
    Are you and Austin still friends and how did you know it was the right time to leave?
    Do you think your current boyfriend is the chosen one ?
    How is your skin so perfect looking? Maybe show us your makeup routine?
    What advise would you give someone who wants to start Instagram?
    Tell us about your typical work day?
    Is there any country you would love to live? Any language you would love to speak?
    Do you think about going to university again?
    Any hidden talents you have?
    How do you stay positive in life ?



  • hanna


    I got into LMU but need to wait and see if I am eligible for scholarships, did you like that school and what neighborhoods would you recommend for students? What cool/cute spots like cafes/ restaurants in LA around Venice would you recommend for girls who cant spend too much since they are students? 🙂 I LOVE all your lipsticks could you please make a list of your favorite ones?


  • My

    Hi Hanna!
    How fun with a q/a!
    What are your friends from college doing now? Do you still stay in touch with them?

    Do you support yourself financially, or do you get help from your parents?

    How many hours/week do you work?

    Which professions would you consider if you werent working with your current profession?



  • Jessica

    Hi so fun that you have a q & a,

    How did you and your boyfriend meet?

    What is your favorite homemade healthy meal?

    What do you usually eat for breakfast?

    Hope you have a nice day!


  • I

    So fun with Q&A Hanna!

    I would love to know how you edit your photos? Is your photos mainly taken with your phone or your camera? I habe recently started a blog about my and my husbands IVF-treatment (so you and I are at pretty different places in life but I love your blog and your style!) and I feel it is hard to edit my photos and finding my own photo style.


  • Pauline

    what do you use to curl your hair?? and how does it stay so perfect throughout the day?


  • Sanna

    •Har du klimatångest och gör du något för att minska dina utsläpp?

    •Vad är det bästa med att bo i L.A?

    •Ska du besöka Sverige snart?


  • Sanna

    You and your sister should start a podcast 🙂



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