Okay, a couple of updates to fill you guys in on my life:

  1.  I’m going to Italy tomorrow (for less than 24 hours!).  Sara and I are going to see the Calzedonia beach wear fashion show for Summer 18! We can’t wait to see our Calzedonia fam 🙂
  2. Yes we’re still going to Coachella this weekend (it’s going to be heeeectic with all this traveling)
  3. We released our newest style on Montazami Brand, the Carolina Lace Duster! This is my favorite piece we’ve made so far.  I’m definitely bringing it to the festival!  Shop it here [click click!]
  4. My underarms are healing! Thank you to the antibiotics.

Let me know what you guys think of the duster!  We’ve also added faster shipping options to domestic orders, and we’re offering free shipping for ALL orders over $150 right now, so get your booty over to the site 😉

Click here to shop!

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