Photos by Claire Huntsberger // outfit by Bella Dahl (except for my Hudson Jeans jacket)

About a week ago, my friend Payton, Sara, and I were asked to shoot the LA look book for the latest collection of Bella Dahl.  They pretty much gave us a ton of creative freedom (it was just us and our photographer Claire), but all they asked is for some iconic LA locations.  First thing that came to mind? The Beverly Hills Hotel of course!

The first time I went here was for a shoot about a year and a half ago, and I was absolutely star-struck.  I think I get more star-struck with places than people. You should’ve seen my face when I saw the White House for the first time haha. Or the Abraham Lincoln Statue, NYC, Hollywood sign… etc.

I’ve never actually stayed at this hotel, but I sure have taken enough photos there to make it seem like I have! I’m the kind of person that truly enjoys hotels. The vibe, the smell, the feeling of a getaway.  It’s just the best.  And I’ve been like that since I was little!  I remember always saying ‘ahhh it smells so good” whenever I walked into a lobby (and I still do it to this day).  But that doesn’t go without saying I don’t get a tiiiiny bit upset when there’s no ”hotel smell” when I walk into a hotel. Am I crazy or is anyone with me on that one?! Haha.

One day I’ll book a room here… I hope they never completely change the decor though because I’m a huge fan of the light baby pink with dark green palm leaf prints!

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  • hej

    Hi Hanna! Would/could you ever consider living anywhere else then in California?


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Hi! Yeah I would consider it but right now, it’s the only place I want to live 🙂 I love it so much! I thought I used to want to live in New York but I changed my mind… most of it has to do with leaving friends and family and the weather!



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