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Photos by Tien Nguyen for Koy Resort

Hi friends!

It was Rudy’s birthday yesterday and everything I planned for him was a total success! We checked into the Pelican Hill resort in Newport Beach for a romantic staycation, and had dinner, took a nice morning bubble bath, and hung out by the pool the next day. It was so nice!

Later that night we got dinner with his family and met up with friends afterwards. He turned 31, so he’s a little bit older than me, which I like! I think he looks very young for his age, which I’m sure he will appreciate in twenty years hehe.

I made an appointment for the dermatologist tomorrow, to check out my underarm rash. It’s getting a little worse and more painful, but hopefully my doctor can give me something to help it go away FAST. I haven’t been able to shave (since I didn’t want to irritate it) so I’m trying not to lift my arms in public haha.  I’ll let you guys know how the appointment goes!


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  • Isabel

    Jag hade kliande utslag och fick det av min deo! Är bara en deo jag kan använda utan att det börjar klia och kommer tillbaka :/
    Hoppas det går bra för dig!


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Ahh I know it’s very annoying! I’ve never had a rash from my deodorant until now… and it was from an all natural one! So strange. Thanks Isabel! 🙂



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