photos by Champagne Victoria for Nidodileda

Eeeeek.  I just got these photos back from the shoot I did before I left for Australia and there’s so many good ones left to show you!  This day was probably one of the top 5 coldest moments of my life.  We had 20 looks to shoot, and the temperature was around 50 degrees with very strong winds.  I almost cried mid shoot because I was so cold haha.  Walking barefoot on sharp, cold rocks, and ice cold wind blowing in every direction, while wearing dresses that are getting wet from the ocean haha.  I now fully understand and respect the term ‘bone chilling’. Luckily the team was so nice and helped me warm up in between looks!

And, well, it was definitely worth it.  My photographer Champagne (yes, that’s her name, how cool is that?!) is seriously so good at capturing the shot, and she kills it with the lighting and editing.  She’s definitely got the eye for photography.  Knowing how good she was was basically the main thing driving me forward throughout the shoot.  I kept thinking, ”it’s okay if you’re cold now, the photos will be worth it in the end!!” ….and I was right 🙂

Tomorrow I have another shoot around the WeHo/Beverly Hills area.  I’m hoping it’s not going to rain like it has been the past few days.  The weather app says sunny with a cloud so I’m hoping it’s true!

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