Okay I wasn’t planning on taking this picture of my cart at the market, but there was a moment where I looked down and thought to myself, ”damn I am HEALTHY!!” so I had to capture the moment.  And now I’m posting it here on the blog to tell you guys a little bit about how I snap back into my healthy diet after a vacation filled with bread, cheese, sweets, need I go on?

So right before I leave for a long vacation I always like to step on the scale and remember my weight, so I can see how much I gained or lost (or just gained haha) on the trip when I return home. Before I left for Australia, I was 121 pounds. When I returned, I was 127 lbs.  I can’t say I was shocked when I looked at the screen… I didn’t feel good at all and my stomach had major digestion issues for the majority of the trip (think constant bloating and discomfort, feeling SO full, constipated).

My body fluctuates very easily in weight, so I knew I could get back on track and feel great before the Roxy event I’m hosting this Saturday. So that basically left me with a week.  It’s now Wednesday and when I stepped on the scale this morning I was 123 lbs.  Almost there!  And that’s just from returning back to my healthy diet and exercising regularly.

Some tips I have for the market:

  • Notice how almost everything in my cart came straight from the earth. Except for the pinot noir and granola hehe 😉 BALANCE.
  • Always look at the ingredients of the packaged products you buy.  If theres a bunch of crap you don’t know how to pronounce, or that just sounds unhealthy, it probably is.  For example, bars. I love taking bars with me when I’m on the go, but there are SO many out there that contain a bunch of shit that is not a friend to your body.  Look at the ingredients! I buy the bars that contain around 4-6 ingredients like dates, apples, banana, mango, spinach, etc.
  • Don’t go in there hungry. If I’m starving at the market I’ll end up buying shit I don’t need.
  • Don’t be afraid to snack on some grapes while you’re cruisin’ the aisles. The grapes are the first thing I put in my cart so I can snack on them throughout my grocery shopping haha.  Anyone else guilty of snackin’ and cruisin’?

Not pictured, but I also bought: Rao’s Arrabiatta pasta sauce (to go with my spaghetti squash) and a few bars!  And I forgot to buy fresh spinach….

(ps. I wont be in LA this weekend so that’s why there’s not much food haha)

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  • Daniela

    Hanna do you know what has a lot of calories ? A lot of people don’t think about it . It is Alcohol it has alot of calories . White wine and pure strong alcohol dosent have that much. Becuasu you eat very healthy.


    • hannamontazami Post author

      Yes alcohol has a ton of calories! That’s why a glass of red wine is definitely a treat during a weekday. 😉



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