Palm Beach— the hidden gem about 15 minutes from Sydney (by seaplane)! The name comes from the shape of the peninsula— it actually looks like a palm tree— and it’s a great little place for a day trip. We were there for only three hours (wish we could’ve stayed longer) but we managed to fit in a few activities while we were there.

We hiked to the top of the hill where the light house was, hangout at the beach, and ate at the cutest lunch spot right on the water called Boat House. It was a bit expensive, but then again everything in Australia is expensive, especially food. I had the vegetarian plate, which came with four falafel balls, beetroot hummus, mashed avo, homemade healthy crackers, pumpkin, and rainbow carrots. So filling but so good!! Rudy had the fish and chips… but they didn’t look as good as mine 😉

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