Being gone for three weeks on vacation, I naturally feel weird stepping away from work. Even though I can work remotely answering emails and keeping up my blog updates, I still can’t get as much done as I would if I was home, modeling and working with Montazami Brand. So I scheduled a little photo shoot while I was in Sydney with a shop called Love Lola! They’re a US based boutique and we happened to be in sydney at the same time, so it was perfect timing to squeeze in a little work while I’m abroad 🙂

We shot at Bronte Beach, which is right along the coast of Bondi. As soon as I get the real images from the photographer, I’ll be posting them here on the blog!

A little update: we flew to Coffs Harbour yesterday for Rudy’s best friends wedding, which is actually happening today. It’s in a very small, beachside, rural town and I’m starting to think I brought the wrong kind of dress. Mine’s kind of fancy for the setting, so I might need to change it out for one of the dresses I got from the photo shoot! We will see…


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