Cruising through Tasmania

Were really living out here in Tasmania! We’re now up on the north east coast, making our way to the Bay of Fires today. Our camper van has made everything so easy! The tent pops up very easily and there’s a pull out table where we can cook our food and hangout. I definitely recommend exploring Tasmania this way because we’re only on our second full day and we’ve already seen the city of Hobart, visited a Tasmanian devil sanctuary, hiked up to Wineglass Bay, wine tasted at Devils Corner winery, and visited a handful of white sand beaches.

We really wanted to see the lavender fields in Launceston but we found out all of the lavender has been chopped off for the harvesting season, so there’s no purple flowers. Kind of bummed about that but I’m glad we were told that info before we drove all the way there!

Next on our to do list is to see Little Blue Lake, Bay of Fires, and the MONA museum back in Hobart.

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