flower jumper: ZARA // shoes: Tony Bianco // bracelet and watch: MVMT // necklaces: Washed Ashore Adornments

Definitely took advantage of the beginning of the year sale that ZARA had!  I scored this jumper for around $7. Talk about a steal!  It’s a little big so it needs to be taken in around the rib cage area, and the straps need to be tightened. So if we do the math, it will no longer be a steal because I’ll end up spending at least $20 on the tailoring haha.  YAY for sales.

I’ve been working non-stop at back to back photoshoots ever since I landed back in CA, and it only continues!  I have one more day to prepare for my 3 week long Australia trip with Rudy.  I’m panicking!! I won’t even have a chance to pack until around 11 pm the night before my early morning flight.  I’m stressed to say the least, but it will all work out.

On the bright side  I’m about 80% done with my taxes after today, so that’s a plus!  I’ve been staring at the computer for way too many hours now, so I’m off to bed to get some sleep.  Goodnight 🙂

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