stepping out of our bungalow in Todos Santos

my little cutie under the bougainvillea bush

taking a break from our walk around the town of Todos Santos! There were tons of colorful walls and art pieces

the beautiful bride and groom!  The bride is Kelly Anne, which is one of Rudy’s really good girl friends.

playing with silhouettes in Cerritos at the wedding venue

strawberry popsicles on the beach.  I had the coconut popsicle first and it was so good I had to have another.

Diego and Rudy in front of the Cabo Surf Bus!

the court yard where the wedding ceremony took place

THANK YOU. Even though I studied abroad in Barcelona and took Spanish for 4 years, my Spanish kind of sucked. I could barely say gracias without feeling like I’m pronouncing it wrong.  Then of course once I return to the states I start saying gracias to the waiters. Classic.

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  • Maria

    Hi Hanna! Cabo sounds fun 🙂 Would love to read about how you and Ruby met each other? <3 Your story 🙂 What happened to your other boyfriend?



  • wabimedia

    And he set a limit on our activity in the garden. But you continue as if he set just any old limit. In fact he set a very specific limit: ”You must not eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You”re just reading it as, ”Oh, he set some limit or other, so what do we learn from that fact? and ignoring the actual content.



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