Hot air balloon: check.

Champagne: check.

Hot date: check!

This day was unforgettable! And to think I was SO nervous the week and moments before.  Literally it was the most peaceful ride in the sky. The company we booked through was called Sunset Balloon Rides, and they’re located at Monte De Oro Winery in Temecula, CA.  I definitely recommend this for a special occasion with your loved one, a birthday surprise, or even just because!

We actually had a proposal happen on our balloon!  It was pretty funny because I had no idea who it was for and NO ONE was saying anything.  I knew it had to be for our balloon because we were the last ones to take off.  As soon as we start floating the crew on the ground unravels a huge sign that says ”MARRY ME?”.  There were 4 couples on the balloon, it was OBVIOUSLY not for me, not for the couple next to us, and not the couple diagonal from us because they were looking the other way.  There’s only one more couple on the balloon and they were in complete silence, so it couldn’t be them either.

Oh no, it was haha.  Half way through the balloon ride people are telling them congratulations.  I just had no idea because they were so quiet about it!  But we all celebrated with some champagne in the middle of the sky so it was definitely a great proposal 🙂

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