This morning I woke up with EXTREME anxiety, knowing I was about to board a small plane to Napa. I don’t think I slept for more than twenty minutes at a time, I was so nervous. When my alarm clock went off at 4:45 am, my eyes were wide awake, and I woke up in a panic. Luckily it didn’t last long, i finally calmed down once Sara and I started driving up to the airport.

We rode up with JetSuiteX, which is a private airline service that’s super easy and quick, and before we knew it, we were in Napa within an hour or so. The plane ride was super smooth so I had no issues on the flight, thank goodness.

We went to Sterling Vineyards and Beringer Vineyards, both of which I HIGHLY recommend. We had the best tour guides and the whole trip was amazing.

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