Hi angels <3

2018 is looking SO good in terms of work and travel. I’ve been non-stop booking exciting jobs and trips and I can hardly contain my excitement. I can’t wait to share all of it with you guys!

Here’s where I’m going in the next couple of months:

Cabo in February (leaving on Valentine’s Day!)

Australia and Tasmania (Feb-March)

Napa Valley


Sweden for Midsummer (Sara and I are bringing our boyfriends for their first times!)

Palm Springs

BUT I had one question for my Swedish readers.  What’s it like in Stockholm during midsummer?  Is it pretty much closed down because everyone goes to the countryside? I hope not 🙁 We wanted to take our boyfriends to the Archipelago islands and celebrate midsummer there, and stay in Stockholm for the rest of the week.  We just hope the town won’t be dead and everything will be open around that time.  Let me know if you know!

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  • Isabella

    Midsomer evening I think the stores are like open until mabye 2-3 a clock, the restaurants I’m not so sure of. The hotel restaurants are probably open.
    At Midsomer day most of the stores are closed. Don’t know If mabye some restaurants are open, probably same here that the hotel restaurants are open.


  • Camilla Wikström

    Stockholm is not completely closed around midsummer, but only on midsummer night, the shops sometimes close the previous day before. By the way, it’s open everywhere.


  • Jenny

    Det finns nog alltid folk kvar i stan, men det kan nog bli svårt att hitta ett traditionellt midsommarfirande. Möjligtvis på Skansen då.
    Någon av skärgårdsöarna har säkert något att erbjuda, men det lär vara packat med turister så det bästa vore ju om ni kunde hitta ett ”privat” firande att vara med på 🙂
    Tror ni kommer få det bra hursomhelst och glöm inte bjuda dem på sill 🙂


  • Elin

    Hi Hanna! Stockholm is opened as usual with the exception of the 23rd since it’s a ”red day”. Shops might be closed. NK will for example be closed on that day. I’m sure you guys will find something fun to do on that specific day! 🙂


  • hanna

    The days before midsummer are like usual filled with people in town, but the midsummer day is everyone pretty much out with friends on the countryside and downtown is dead! So stockholm is great during the regular week 🙂 the archipelago islands host celebrations, Sandhamn island if you really wanna party, can be kinda crazy tho


  • michaela

    Sandhamn =) Ligger ute i skärgården. PARTY!



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