jumpsuit by Flynn Skye // belt by B-Low the Belt // shoes from Vagabond // photos by Raul Esparza


I’ve missed you all. My blog has been having a bit of a face lift and there has been some technical issues with my photos. For some reason the only way I can upload them is if they are in this small size.  Hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow!

So we moved my blog to a new website platform, so you should be expecting faster loading times and I finally got my Categories pull-down tab back.  It disappeared for awhile and it was impossible for you guys to search my posts.  Well now that’s all fixed, and everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

So, here’s what you’ve missed in the past few days:

I’m going to Sweden tomorrow JUST for one meeting.  Must be a pretty big meeting, I think.  Calzedonia is flying Sara and I out to Stockholm where we will stay for two days.  One day we’ll have the meeting with them, and the next day we’re going with my mom to an awards show, where she is nominated for Most Loved Reality Stars of 2017(!) So proud of her.  Our trip ended up aligning perfectly with my mom’s trip, and we’re even on her same flight there tomorrow! We got so lucky.

I somewhat unofficially announced on Instagram about my new boyfriend! I wanted to tell you guys first but since the blog wasn’t working that made things a bit difficult.  But yeah, so his name is Rudy, and I’m very happy. I want to explain our story but I’ll do it later because it deserves it’s own blog post 🙂

We’re making a festival collection for Montazami Brand, and the pieces are TO DIE FOR. Sara and I are taking over the design process (my mom is taking a step back from the design process) so we are excited to have full creative control.

We just launched our sweatpants set (SO CUTE), which you can see here.

Aaaaaand last but not least I booked a trip to Australia and Tasmania in February/March.  EXCITED!!!!!

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