Hi guys 🙂

So remember the new furniture pieces I was telling you guys about?  Here they are!  The circular wooden nightstand and the side table. It definitely adds a more rustic touch to the design, which I like.  Before I added these in I had no nightstand on the side of the bed where I actually sleep (so plugging my phone to the charger and keeping water nearby was sort of a struggle), and I had a grey bench under the window that only served as a place to put my clothes when I was too lazy to hang them up.  Now that I don’t have that option, my clothes are hanging up in the closet way quicker 😉

I tried to take photos with my camera but it was gloomy and rainy outside so my room was very dark, so I’ll save the full room tour for a day when it’s bright and sunny in there.

Things I’m decorating my new pieces with are plants, coffee table books, woven baskets, my Vitruvi diffuser, and candles.

PS how cute is my woven breakfast tray on the bed?  It’s from Kembali Home, and you can find it on their website here

So what do you guys think of the new additions?!

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