bikini by La Gotta Swim

YAY finally got the photos from the top secret hot springs adventure we did right before New Years.

We went to a different one that we went to last time we were in Mammoth, and this one was semi-FREEZING with occasional warm spots, but the view was unbeatable.  We were all screaming and huddling together the whole time we were in there haha.  The warm spots would move around so we would all be waddling through the water trying to find them and telling people ”Oh over here, over here!!”.

The whole concept of hot springs is pretty interesting in itself.  Hot water heated from the earth’s crust, emerging into the freezing water and becoming a nature jacuzzi for us to enjoy.  Weiiiiird. But be careful, not all hot springs are safe!  Apparently right near this hot spring there were insanely high temp spots that have burned people to death.  They had to close it down.  Always do your research before going into a hot spring!

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