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wearing the Parker tee from Montazami Brand [here]

So it’s 2018, and we’re about five days in, so now what?

I feel like this is the time when you start planning your actual goals for the year. Not just the semi-vague New Years resolutions (even if they’re big or small). If your New Years resolution was to travel more, now’s the time to sit down and figure out where you actually want to go.

Well I kind of already led into a goal of mine, which is to travel more. Some new places I want to travel to are Australia, New Zealand, New Orleans, Miami, South Africa, and Amsterdam. Maybe I won’t go to ALL of these places in just one year, but they’re on my list, along with the other places I love that I’ve already been to.

That’s just one of the resolution-turned-goals that I’m sharing with you guys so far, and I’ll be sharing more throughout this month!

Do you guys have any set in stone plans so far?

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