HELLO 2018!





It’s the second day of 2018, but it officially feels like the first.  Yesterday we spent the whole day in the car driving home, so it wasn’t necessarily ”back to work” on the 1st.  But now it is, so HELLO 2018!

Here’s a couple of more pictures from our trip.  We also have more on the camera but I need to download them on my computer first.  As I mentioned before the snow was kind of crappy so we only ended up snowboarding 2/5 days, but we did other fun stuff like go to the hot springs! We found a secret hot spring spot after about 45 minutes of making the wrong turns and getting lost along the way.  I guess that’s probably why it’s remained so secret over the years!

It’s been pretty much almost a month since I’ve been living down in OC for the holidays, so I’ll be going back up to LA tomorrow and returning to reality.  I’m especially ready to get back at the gym!  I’ve missed it so much.

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