pajamas are from Ugg // jacket from Urban Outfitters // Christmas tableware from Fyrklövern by Maria Montazami 

Finally my photos are up and runnin’!

We had such a relaxing Christmas, at home in our pajamas all day… just how we like it.  We played games and did our annual ”shitty” white elephant gift exchange, which is always a hit.  Basically we play just like you would a normal white elephant exchange, but instead of regular gifts we buy ”shitty” gifts.  Gifts that you kind of don’t want but you would kind of enjoy having, and that have a bit of humor.  I bought an ugly white dinosaur thing that had a succulent growing out of it’s back (see above).  The best part was it was from Nordstrom and wrapped in a cute Nordstrom box so everyone thought it was going to be a great gift lol.

Emma ended up getting it and loving it, but later we found out that the succulent isn’t even real!!! How shitty is that? Haha.

Emma brought the most creative gift to the exchange though.  She put 9 different gift cards (to different places) in a box, and wrote ”there’s money on one of these cards…. good luck finding out which one”.  SAVAGE haha.

We’ve done this tradition for about three years and it gets more and more funny each year.  It’s so much fun to do with the family or friends!

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