photos by Mathilde Bresson

I am SO excited to present to you one of our newest arrivals at Montazami Brand, the Molly Blouse! It is easily one of my favorite pieces that we have, partly because of the details and partly because of the smooth rayon material (and print!).

Shop the Molly top here!

We wanted this photoshoot scene to feel very French, so naturally we grabbed a baguette and a bottle of red.  We actually bought the CUTEST bottle of red wine from Whole Foods the night before the photoshoot, and we were a little hesitant because it was $29.99, but we thought it was such a good looking bottle that we just said F it and went for it.  Well when we were carrying the groceries from the car to our apartment, the bag accidentally dropped and the whole bottle spilled everywhere!! We were so mad haha.  I was like why the $%^&* would we buy a $29.99 bottle of wine for a photoshoot prop!!!! Major regret.

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