Can you believe it?!  Yesterday my best friend got engaged to the love of her life in San Diego, with all of her closest friends and family there to celebrate 🙂  I wanted to tell you guys that that was one of the main reasons we were going down to San Diego, but Amanda reads my blog every day and I couldn’t spoil the surprise!

The way he asked her was so adorable.  Amanda has always been a huge fan of Lauryn Evarts, the blogger behind The Skinny Confidential, so Andrew sent an email to her, asking if she and her husband could ”accidentally” bump into them at lunch, and then invite her to a ”small event she was having” at a nearby bar.   His plan was to get her to the bar, where all of her family and friends would be waiting inside, watching him get down on one knee outside through the window.  Everything went exactly according to his plan, and it was so perfect!

When Amanda ”ran into” The Skinny Confidential at lunch, she texted our group saying ”YOU GUYS!! This is the best day of my life”.  If only she knew she was about to be proposed to in 1 hour 😉

Madison and I were crying like babies as soon as we saw he was about to ask.  I totally lost it haha.  The tears wouldn’t stop flowing!

Congratulations to Amanda and Andrew! Love you guys x

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