Hi guys!

Have you taken advantage of my 20% off code for Jotex?! I went a liiiitle crazy on the website, and picked out a bunch of new stuff for my apartment.  I couldn’t help myself!  There’s this one corner in my room that is not yet finished, so fixing that space up is my current project.  I’m thinking of putting a glass shelving table, with little knick knacks like this and this on top.

If you haven’t used my code yet (or if you want to use it again) go to their website and use HANNA20 at checkout for 20% off <3

The video shows a little bit of Sara and I’s style, compared to my mom’s decor style.  Which living room would you rather have?  Do you guys find yourself decorating similarly to your parents’, or is it more of the complete OPPOSITE?  Personally, I have a completely different style than my mom’s, but there are a definitely few decorating styles we have in common, like having a BUNCH of pillows on the couch, for example 😉

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