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Entire outfit is from Pacsun!


I’M SO SORRY FOR THE TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES HERE ON THE BLOG.  Okay I’ll stop screaming now, but seriously, my apologies for the blog being down the past few days.  We’ve been dealing with a hacker.  But we’re all good now.

I feel like I have A LOT to catch you guys up on, but I’ll start by telling you guys my plans for the weekend!  We are traveling down allllll the way down to OC (lol) where we will be spending Thanksgiving with the family.

Tonight, the night before Thanksgiving, is actually a very popular night to go out in Laguna (and I think across the country as well).  Not only are you in your old stomping grounds, but you have a legit high school reunion at the bars.  Like, you see EVERYONE.  And that might be why they call it black-out Wednesday.  The whole point is to be “hungover” for Thanksgiving, but that is definitely NOT in the cards for me.  Why would I want to be hungover for Thanksgiving exactly?  My mom would be furious, first of all, and second, just no.  I want to enjoy my Thanksgiving meal to the best of my abilities haha.

Since there were a few days lost here on the blog, I’ll be making it up to you guys in a very special way.  Stay tuned for a giveaway<3

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