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My Secret to Glowing Skin

Hi my loves!

It's our last night in Sweden, which is always bittersweet. We leave tomorrow morning! I feel like our trip flew by…

So I'm not sure if you guys have noticed recently, but my skin has been extra glow-y. Like the I can leave the house without makeup and be totally confident kind of glow-y. (Maybe you guys haven't noticed because you're only seeing me through pictures, but my family and friends have told me numerous times that my skin is looking great!) And I know why. It's all thanks to my new skincare routine from Bioclarity. If you follow me on Instagram you've maybe seen the video questionnaire I did about my routine, as well as a couple posts where I talk about their line.

I 100% fell in love with their product! It could have been all mental but I swear I noticed small results even after 1 nights use. This stuff is AMAZING. And it has plant based ingredients, which I love. It's free of harsh chemicals that harm your skin, which also puts my mind at ease.

The good news is I've teamed up with them to give you guys 50% off (so it's under $15!!) with code HANNA at checkout!

Visit their website here and try this amazing stuff for yourself!

In collaboration with BioClarity

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