Because this place doesn't need a filter! Nope.

We have been LIVING it up here in Mexico. This is definitely the most beautiful area in Mexico that I've been to. Next place on the list is Tulum, which is only about an hour from here. We went to a beach party in Tulum last night but it was night time so we didn't get to witness Tulum in all of its glory!

We chilled by the pool, got massages, and hung out at the beach all day… a perfect vacation day in my eyes! I accidentally went on Instagram Live when I was at the beach so that was fun. I had the full on double chin looking down at my phone before I realized what was happening haha.

We're doing an early night because we have a 5am wake up call in the morning to catch our flight at 8. Why so early!? Goodnight guys 🙂

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