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Hi guys 🙂

Last week I went to the store opening of one of my new favorite activewear brands, Vimmia.  I actually just found out about their line a couple weeks ago, but I already wear it religiously! I’ve been going through my workout clothes like crazy ever since I started working out so often, so I needed to upsize my collection.

I’m very picky about workout pants in particular, because in my opinion it’s very easy for a pair to be unflattering on the legs and stomach.  Sometimes the design is not well thought-out, the waistline hits at an awkward spot, or the seams cut into the wrong places.  We’ve ALL had that one horrible pair of workout pants that you just hate, that you would never pick out from the drawer, and that ends up just sitting there for a year or two before you finally have the guts to throw it out haha.

That being said, the sets I’ve gotten from Vimmia I really love!  I have the set that you see above, and the pants are so cute on.  Today I wore another set from their line and got so many compliments in my class!  Maybe you guys don’t care that I got compliments on my workout outfit, but I do because I swear I workout 10 times better when I look and feel good.  Anyone else like that?

Click here to see some more styles from their line 🙂

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