dress by MinkPink // bodysuit from Kookai // shoes from Tony Bianco

photos by Mathilde Bresson

Hi angels!

I just got the first batch of photos from my photographer Mathilde, who I shot with a couple weekends ago, and I am loving the photos.  We actually just took these real quick on our walk up back to the car after the photoshoot, and they ended up being some of my favorites from the whole shoot!  The vibe here reminds me of Halloween…. it’s pretty with the white flowers and the black dress.  It’s like innocence and mystery all in one 😉

Speaking of Halloween, what are you guys being?  I think I will be a couple of different things this year, since I have a few events that I’m planning to go to.  One of my Halloween looks I’ll be posting on my Instagram tomorrow.. so make sure to look out for it!

Is it just me or does it get harder and harder each year to find a somewhat not-overdone costume?!  Everything I think of is like been there, done that.  BUT I did come up with a costume that hasn’t been THAT overdone and I’m really excited about it.  Do you guys want to know what I’m being, and possibly see some inspo photos that I’ve gathered for it?

I want to know what you guys are being!!! Anyone have an original AF costume this year?

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